Player Evaluation Objectives

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Hockey Season.

We are happy to have you and your kids as part of our St Matthew Hockey Club.

The evaluation process can be confusing and frustrating.  Please know that the Board members at St Matthews have your child’s best interest at heart.  We volunteer our time because we believe that minor hockey can be one of the greatest experiences of childhood.  As parents ourselves, we want those memories for your children and ours.


  • To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player’s total hockey skills during the skating and scrimmage sessions.
  • To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity of being selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during the on-ice evaluations of the current year.
  • To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that a player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the association’s programs.
  • To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing hockey during the season.
  • These are not tryouts but evaluations.  No player is getting cut and everyone will make a team.


When are the player evaluation sessions?
The tryout schedule will be available online and registered players’ names will be posted on the schedule page a couple days before evaluations begin.  The Category Director will have a parent meeting during the first tryout skate to inform parents of the process and answer any questions there may be. 

How many evaluation sessions will there be?
Every parent and player should be aware prior to evaluations of the number of opportunities that the player will have to be assessed. It is our goal that each player has a minimum of four evaluation sessions. We will have open skates where the players will get familiar with the drill they will be asked to perform during evaluations without being evaluated.  There will be a minimum of two skill skates, and a minimum of 2 scrimmage/game play skates.

What is being evaluated?
Refer to our Player Selection Criteria for more information on specific skills, tactics and behaviours that are being evaluated.

Goalie evaluations will consist of a minimum of one technical on ice skate evaluated by the Evaluators.

Who will do the evaluations?

On-ice coaches to take players through the session.

Off-ice evaluator’s will be evaluating and giving the category directors the evaluation numbers and also giving input and support to the directors.

Our evaluators will view and evaluate at least four skates. 

What happens after the evaluation sessions?

Upon the completion of evaluations, the Category Director, and President of St Matthews will meet to form the teams using the provided evaluation numbers as a guideline.

The players will be contacted by email with name of head coach and first practice skate times.


SKATING – Most important Skill

    • Acceleration ~ gets to top speed quickly
    • Overall quickness and foot speed
    • Powerful stride
    • Good balance and stability on skates
    • Agility and mobility – moves well laterally
    • Turns and pivots are smooth
    • Ability to skate well both forward and backward


    • Competes and battles to the best of ability in all situations
    • Wants to be first to the puck in all situations
    • Consistently high work ethic/ high level of fitness
    • Disciplined in all situations on/off the ice.
    • Displays a positive attitude at all times both on and off the ice.


    • Thinks quickly – reads and reacts well
    • Supports teammates in all situations
    • Drives the net effectively with and without the puck
    • Is a responsible positional player.
    • Positions self well when defending the rush


    • Handles the puck effectively at high speeds
    • Good control in traffic – protects puck well
    • Shows creativity with the puck
    • Head up – looks for options and to head-man the puck
    • Passes are crisp and accurate
    • Passes and receives smoothly at high speeds


    • Can score
    • Strong and accurate shot with a quick release
    • Has and uses a variety of shots
    • Ability to read shot or deke options
    • Gets into position to score



    • General balance and posture
    • Retains ready position after blocking shots
    • Holds ready position in movement
    • Lateral and vertical movements
    • Recovery to balanced stance
    • Moves with speed & in control in ready position


    • Constant desire to excel in all situations
    • Constant work ethic in all situations
    • Never gives up / battles for pucks
    • Displays a positive attitude at all times both on and off the ice.


    • Knows position in net at all times
    • Assumes neutral position at top edge of crease
    • Positions self properly prior to shot
    • Lines up properly on puck


    • Ability to read the shooter
    • Ability to read play around them
    • Ability to make appropriate adjustments


    • Absorbs pucks well
    • Effectively controls and deflects rebounds
    • Use of body to make saves
    • Handles puck effectively and controls rims


The purpose of an individual player evaluation is to assist the category director and St Matthew Hockey Club in determining the best player for a team. 

  • The independent evaluator and director will meet and the evaluator will evaluate each player for his/her ability. The player will wear a numbered coloured pinnie for the purpose of identification on the ice. The player will change his pinnie throughout the evaluation process.
  • After each skate the evaluators will give the player evaluation to the category director.  The director will enter all the evaluations for each category in a spreadsheet and keep the evaluations in a binder by category and date.  At the end of the tryouts the binder with all the evaluations will be given to the St Matthew President.
  • Complaints or disputes on evaluations or player placement on teams may be appealed in writing to a committee consisting of the President Vice President, and a category director from a different category at St Matthews hockey club. The decision of this committee is final. These matters are within the sole purview of St Matthews and not appealable to Hockey Edmonton.
  • Ratings of players will not be given to other players due to Freedom of Information.


 There are a number of factors that are considered in the process of an appeal.

  • Is there an error in the evaluation calculations that compromises the placement of the player subject of an appeal.
  • Was there an illness, injury, health concern that impacted the player’s performance in evaluations and was that taken into consideration in the evaluation and in a manner consistent with the Evaluation process.
  • The position of the player in relation to the desired team. For example, is the player next on the depth chart in terms of players being placed on a particular team?


  • Desire to play with a specific player or players on another team.
  • Desire to play for a specific Coach or Assistant Coach.
  • Desire not to play with a specific player or players on the assigned team unless there are extenuating situations.
  • Desire not to play for a specific Coach or Assistant Coach on the assigned team unless there are extenuating situations.
  • Previous year(s) performance or placement alone.
  • Placement in relation to another specific player or players.

If an appeal is still considered after the above, the parent must provide a letter stating their concerns and issues as to why they feel their child was mis-tiered.  A copy must be provided to the Evaluation Appeal Committee within 48 hours of the players being placed on a team or otherwise, the appeal will be denied.  Appeals can be emailed to