2017/18 Novice Evaluations


St Mathew Novice Hockey Evaluations

Novice hockey evaluations will commence shortly after Labour Day. These are evaluations and not “try-outs”, as every player will be placed on a team.  These evaluations take place so that your child can be placed on an appropriate team for their skill level.  Our goal is to have every player enjoy their season and improve their skills. Specific ice times and groups will be communicated the last week of August.  Please try to arrive at the arena 45 minutes prior to your child’s skate time and register at the table when you first arrive. Please be aware that there will be many children on the ice so please have your players dressed and ready 15 minutes prior to evaluations starting.

The evaluation process has three parts: open skates, technical skates, and game skates.  Open skates are for the players to get used to being on the ice again.  These skates are not evaluated.  At technical skates, coaches put players through many drills and exercises so that evaluators can assign a score to each desired skill for every player.  For game skates, all players are divided in to teams and play a real hockey game.  Game skills are evaluated and recorded by the evaluators.  Evaluators are brought in for the sole purpose of rating these players.  They are unbiased and are not provided with names, only jersey numbers.  Upon completion of the ice time, they provide their list of scores to the Director who then matches the scores, jersey numbers and names together.  All scores from all the evaluation skates are aggregated and used to place your child on the correct team for their skill level.

The following hockey elements are specifically evaluated for Novice:

  • Forward skating – speed, balance, technique
  • Backward skating – speed, balance, technique
  • Stopping (both directions) – control and balance
  • Turns – control and balance
  • Puck control – control, forwards, backwards, stopping and turning
  • Passing – power and accuracy (stationary and moving)
  • Shooting – power and accuracy
  • Defensive abilities – reaction to opponent, balance, and ability to knock the puck away

All players are evaluated as skaters.  Goalie evaluations are held later in the process.  If your child is interested in playing as a goalie, please indicate that when you sign in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Director.



PLEASE NOTE: An email will be sent out detailing groupings


Evaluators will be independent and will have a format to follow.


Knights of Columbus Minor Hockey Club