Bingo Info

MANDATORY bingo sign ups take priority over extras.  If there are workers needed the Bingo Coordinator will contact those individuals who have expressed interest in working extras will be contacted.  Extra Bingo Sign up will be available again in the New Year.

Please bring the following:

  • Enough cheques for bingo deposits
  • You will need to write a $200 post-dated cheque for each bingo date chosen (these cheques will be returned to you once the bingo shift has been completed – only deposited if you do not show up for the bingo), This is required for BOTH mandatory and extra bingos.
  • A Calendar/work schedule, so that you can schedule your bingos according to your availability.
  • Please be aware that people working bingos have to be able to walk the floor and fulfill their assigned duties.
  • Please arrive for your scheduled bingo ON TIME, not arriving on time could result in a fine for our club.
  • You must work your entire shift to qualify, there is NO LEAVING EARLY
  • CELL PHONES – recently we have received many complaints regarding workers using their cell phones while walking the floor of the bingo hall.  Please make sure that when you are working the floor you should not be talking or texting on your cell phone, if you need to have your phone with you please make sure that it is set to vibrate. Gaming will be performing random checks on bingo halls due to the amount of cell phone complaints.
  • PLEASE ARRIVE PREPARED TO WORK THE FLOOR, this requires solid footwear as it is a consistent walking for the entire bingo shift.

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